Season 2024

The Australian National Virtual Debating Competition

The most flexible debating competition

The ANVDC aims to eliminate the stress experienced by teachers & coordinators when students participate in debating competitions.

“We appreciate that teachers are torn between their already overloaded schedules and a desire to give their students more speaking opportunities.”

Tristan Simpson, Chief Adjudicator

Group Stage

29th Apr - 2nd Aug


  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Adjudicators
  • Three Match-ups


5th Aug - 13th Sep


  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Adjudicators
  • Elimination Rounds
  • Group Champions


16th Sep - 10th Nov


  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional Adjudicators
  • Division Champions

Adjudication slots are available every school day.

Enjoy the flexibility in scheduling your debates when it suits you, but please book your debates as soon as you can. Time slots disappear once they are booked.

Competition Information

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Is This a New Competition?

No, this is the evolution of the NGS National Virtual Debating Competition, created and run by The Association of Independent Schools (AIS NSW).

Building on the competition's success over the last two-years, Masters Academy, the competition co-managers and principle provider of adjudicators, have humbly agreed to continue the competition exclusively and without corporate sponsorship.

We are excited to bring even more opportunities to students across Australia and through our existing partnerships, we will be expanding access to select public, selective & independent schools.

This competition is a unique opportunity for students to interact, compete, learn from and share with an unprecedented mix of Australia’s brightest minds, from all types of schools.